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14 June 2012 @ 12:33 am
Popsicle Quest  
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Yes, the newest comic is up. It took a lot longer than I thought. It always takes me longer to finish when I start making new backgrounds. Well, once I complete the backgrounds, I save them as photoshop templates to use in future scenes. You'd be surprised by the lack of backdrops I have in my folder... That's why I keep creating new ones.

Gahhh... The beginning of the comic sounds like the start of a cheesy commercial.
It has been getting hot lately. Why not sit back and enjoy something cold... Oh wait, Nissy can't because of the diminishing supply of NomNom-Bars (based off the GariGari-kun popsicles). Shuta's taunt forces Nissy to begin his quest for the highly prized NomNom-Bars. Nissy searches every convenience store but ends in failure. But then kids?! Really Nissy?! As for the last resort, wouldn't it have been ideal to have gone straight for the source to begin with? In the end, he does get his NomNom-Bars. He is riding a bike, by the way.

I had a friend read this before I posted it and they told me that this was the only thing on their mind:
I can totally see how they thought that...