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10 October 2011 @ 12:56 am
1.) Itadakimasu: Thank you for the food

it's up. I actually finished drawing it on Wednesday, but because I was
so busy this week, I didn't ink and edit it until Sunday.

So here's what went down before Shuta's disaster began...

Shin: *busts through Shuta's door* Hey Shuta!
Shuta: Why do you have my key?!
Shin: Not important...
*puts cat on ground and surrounds Shuta with cat stuff*
Shuta: What's all this?
Shin: I'm going out of town all week for a commercial shoot, please take care of Byakko
Shuta: Wait, why me?!
Shin: Feed him twice a day! *runs out the door*

Shuta: *dials Misako* Yo, I'm cat-sitting for Shinjiro, can you stop by?
Misako: Ahahaha, I thought he was joking when he said he had a cat, be there soon
*hangs up*

Wow, Shinjiro just dropped off his cat and left without saying much.
Poor Shuta, the cat really wants that sandwich. Byakko just doesn't like Shuta does he?
Misako is a quick thinker, cats will generally calm down if they're
getting treats. Shuta has to deal with this madness for a whole week.
Good luck!
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